The Next Generation of Qubit Control | Zurich Instruments

Following the launch of the SHFQA Quantum Analyzer, Zurich Instruments now launches the SHFSG Signal Generator, the first instruments of its kind that can output signals from DC up to 8.5 GHz without the need for mixer calibration, and provides spurious-free, low-noise signals in a 1 GHz bandwidth.

Specially designed for superconducting and spin qubits, the signal generator takes advantage of the double super-heterodyne frequency conversion technique to ensure better linearity and fewer spurious tones than with standard IQ-mixer-based methods. The SHFSG Signal Generator can be programmed to generate complex gate sequences. As a result, the SHFSG Signal Generator generates clean and stable pulses without requiring users to spend time on mixer calibration or system maintenance.

The SHFSG Signal Generator integrates seamlessly with all devices in the Zurich Instruments Quantum Computing Control System and is available in two variants, one with 4 channels and one with 8 channels.

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